Things to Consider in Choosing to Play the Clarinet


Below are some factors one should consider when choosing the clarinet.  While it is not mandatory that a student wishing to play the clarinet possess each characteristic listed, the chance for success will be greatly increased if a number of these factors are present.

Hands are large enough to reach all the keys and fingertips large enough to cover the tone holes

Generally, braces are not a hindrance in forming a correct embouchure

Small motor coordination is very important


Recommended Brands of Clarinets: 


LeBlanc (also called Vito or Noblet)




Required Accessories:

Soft Cleaning Cloth

Cork Grease

Cleaning Swab

Five size 2 1/2 Reeds (Mitchell Lurie Mitchell Lurie Premium)

Luyben Ligature

David Hite Premier Mouthpiece (Make sure you ask for this when you rent your instrument)


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